Børnebidrag Letter 4 from Statsforvaltning

juli 23, 2019 0 Af admin

Towards the end of January, I had had enough of waiting for Statsforvalting and wrote a letter reminding them that according to their own website they have a 3 month limit for handling a case, which was almost due. I threatened to revert to normal børnebidrag, as per the law, based on my earnings, starting with the 1/2/17 payment.

This seems to have stirred them into action and just before the end of January they sent this letter, claiming to have handled the case on time. Guess what? They did exactly as I expected and ILLEGALLY set the børnebidrag to the basic amount + school fees. I had always been a good Dad who was with his children and wanted to pay these school fees, but with an embittered ex denying me any access to the children, I decided the only thing for Atlas to do was shrug as best he could. So I did.

I replied immediately, pointing out their illegal decision and on 1/2/17, began paying basic børnebidrag only. so began a case that isn’t closed, even to this day (23/7/2019!)