Børnebidrag letter 1 from Statsforvaltning

juli 22, 2019 0 Af admin

I made the last payment including the 1000kr extra on 1/10/17. On 1/11/17 I paid 1000kr less, exactly as we had agreed.

I was shocked therefore to receive a few days later, a letter from statsforvaltning with a complaint from the mother. I would guess, since she knew exactly what our agreement was, that she was angry about me wanting to see my children. Plus also saw a chance to get a lot more money out of me.

She has a lot of friends with experience of the Welfare system and how to win cases at Statsforvaltning. She even has one who had an affair yet managed to get samvær of her children, all the while them needing to go to a psychologist due to the split she had caused! Remember that Familiehuset rule – a woman is always right?

In the event, the 12,000 krone was never even used on the U.S.A. gymnasium trip. As my daughter never completed the course, even though I was never told and I never got my money back. But that’s a story for another day.