Visit Review

juli 15, 2019 0 Af admin

Dear {mother},

Thank you for granting access to {2nd daughter} and {3rd daughter} to come to my house and see my mother, sister and nephew for 3 hours on Sunday 7.8.17. The evening went extremely well, with hotdogs for dinner, followed by games of bingo and sweets, then finally their return at the agreed time of 20.30pm

In fact, it went so well that the girls even said they wanted to visit again and stay overnight, with my sister {Aunt} promising to do their hair and nails, much as has been the case all other times she has spent times with the girls. The girls even wanted to be picked up from Aqua Camp directly one evening and this was agreed, pending your approval.

However, several things are now concerning;

  • When dropping the children off, their mood changed from happiness to sadness and near tears as we walked to the door where you were waiting. You will remember asking yourself if they were crying and how the evening had gone.
  • I took the opportunity to request in person that the girls stay one night before my family leaves and your first response, with the girls present and without consultation was “that would not be possible”
  • Subsequently, I am told by you via telephone call that {2nd daughter} doesn’t wish to stay at all and that at most one evening is allowed
  • I also learnt that {2nd daughter} now sleeps in with you every night and is afraid of staying away any night. Certainly nothing like the {2nd daughter} I knew before our split.
  • I was also accused of being one of 3 adults (the others being {Aunt}, my sister and my 74-year-old mother) who put pressure on the girls to agree to something they didn’t want to do. IE stay over at my house. This is a shocking allegation. You have met my sister and mother, {mother} and know well that they are not that type of people. The entire evening at my house was conducted in a fair and open manner.
  • I also learnt in the same call, that the eldest daughter, {1st daughter}, is suffering from some other issues. You were vague about what these issues are, but that you have judged that a 4 week stay with your sister is preferable to any involvement by their dad.

I’m honestly becoming very exasperated by all of this. I agreed to the initial deal on the basis that it was temporary and that you would continue to be the fair and caring mother that you were during our relationship. However, I now have many concerns that this is no longer the case and would thus request again an immediate review to fair and equal access for all children.

Yours Faithfully,