juli 14, 2019 0 Af admin

When I split with my ex-partner in 2016, I was tricked into signing a document giving her the samvær – or that the children lived with her. It was what the children said they wanted and failing to foresee the coming issues I signed, thinking it only applied for a month or two.

Huge mistake.

By 2017 it was clear that I was being completely shunted out of their lives. So I raised a case via for increased samvær – greater access to see my own children.

A few facts on my children :-

  • Girls aged then 16, 9 and 8
  • Boy aged 15

and me :-

  • English, but lived in Denmark for 6 years
  • A fully present Dad their entire lives
  • Still lives in the same town as his children
  • Employed
  • Own my own home
  • No criminal record

Silly me. I thought such a Dad would have no issues proving his case and getting access to my own children. How wrong I was, as you will find out in the following story of unfairness, incompetence and lies.