Samvær 1 – Meeting 1

juli 17, 2019 0 Af admin

Statsforvaltning sent an automatic letter in response to my claim. The appointment date alone means waiting one whole extra month before I even get to make a case for ever seeing my children again.

It also says at the bottom if you don’t speak Danish then you can request a translator. Foolishly, I did not because I trusted in fairness. After all, when I met her, her English was good and we lived in England for 8 years. On the day though, she insisted on speaking Danish the whole time and even tried to get the meeting cancelled because I hadn’t asked for a translator.

You’d think this would get written down as evidence of a mother being obstructive to justice, but it did not. First real-life example of a useless Statsforvaltning employee, their prejudice towards non-Danish men and how the system is slanted in favour of the mother.ær1.pdf