Samvær 2 – Letter

juli 17, 2019 0 Af admin

Letter 2 from Statsforvaltning is confirming the interviewing of the children to hear their views. Of course, what you don’t know at the time is that children as young as 9 are considered adult enough to decide if they want to see their Dad ever again.

No surprise that when a child has been manipulated by one parent who they live with, they will decide to stay with that one parent and maintain the status quo. Yes, a child of 9 can decide on something for their whole life.

I checked Facebook and they went out to Aalborg storcenter afterwards as a reward with a trip to Starbucks. Sugary, expensive drinks make everything better it seems. Even if it rots their teeth, which by the way, was also happening, as proven later. #Mumoftheyearær2.pdf