Samvær 5 – A twist

juli 18, 2019 0 Af admin

In 2017, I was really down. I thought I had lost my children forever and only my new partner being around probably saved me from doing something really bad to myself.

In 2018, my ex began a new campaign to win sole Parental custody or Forældremyndighed. She contrived this through some incident where she tried to get new passports but was refused.

I was called into a meeting with statsforvaltning, which I happily attended, still hoping to see my children someday. At this meeting, it was revealed to me that Statsforvaltning had discovered that I had sole parental custody over the two eldest children! No wonder she couldn’t get a passport for them.

Yes, they had given away my children to someone with no legal right to look after them at all.

This showed the whole samvær case to be invalid. In retrospect I should have demanded my children back there and then, but instead I signed a form for joint custody from that day, still foolishly hoping that something would be worked out.

My complaint to Ankestyrelsen about Statsforvaltning giving away my children is still stuck in their system, being processed. I do not expect a reply ever. There is no justice.