I don’t ever see my children

juli 15, 2019 0 Af admin

2017 was a bad year. I hardly saw my children at all. However, I was sure that in July / August 2017 things would change. My mother, sister and nephew were coming to visit me in Denmark. My son and nephew were great friends and he already planned to stay around the whole time.

I was wrong.

My mother and sister went to pick up the three girls one afternoon for a dinner visit. The eldest daughter did not even come downstairs to say hello to them, even though their grandfather had died some months earlier. The mother did not encourage her at all to say hello. Weak parenting.

The two youngest girls came for dinner and to play bingo. It was awful and strange. They treated their Dad like a second rate human. I drove them back and by text later, their mother even accused me of driving while drunk – completely untrue, but I had had one small beer at much earlier in the day, so she must have been interrogating the girls.

The girls came again for dinner the next night. It was horrible, like they were brainwashed zombies who did not want to be there and did not consider their Dad, grandmother or aunt to be real people. They did not come again. Two years later I have not spoken to my daughters since.

because of all this, I sent the mother an email.