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Samvær 5 – A twist

In 2017, I was really down. I thought I had lost my children forever and only my new partner being around probably saved me from doing something really bad to myself. In 2018, my ex began a new campaign to win sole Parental custody or Forældremyndighed. She contrived this through some incident where she tried…

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Dear {mother}, Thank you for granting access to {2nd daughter} and {3rd daughter} to come to my house and see my mother, sister and nephew for 3 hours on Sunday 7.8.17. The evening went extremely well, with hotdogs for dinner, followed by games of bingo and sweets, then finally their return at the agreed time…

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Forældremyndighed is probably the single most important thing for any parent. It’s the legal right of a parent to decide what’s best for their children. In 2018, my ex-partner began her biggest campaign to date – to erase me totally from my own children’s lives. In this story, I’ll detail how she began the case…

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