juli 14, 2019 0 Af admin

When I split up with my ex-partner in 2016, we agreed on the børnebidrag – the maintenance for the children. As I cared about my children, I agreed to pay børnebidrag way above the then statsforvaltning levels for someone with my earnings.

  • Basic børnebidrag amounts for each child as per the statsforvaltning rules on my income level
  • Extra børnebidrag to pay 100% of the private school fees for the 3 youngest children
  • Extra børnebidrag of 1000 kroner per month for 12 months to pay for my eldest daughters coming USA trip at gymnasium

An amazing deal, I am sure you will agree. And so it was until November 2017, when I stopped paying the 1000 kroner for the USA trip, as per the agreement. What really triggered it though was probably that I had had the audacity to try and get my access to my own children. My ex-partner raised a case with statsforvaltning to get the børnebidrag I was paying INCREASED.

And so begins another statsforvaltning case. One that even in July 2019 remains unfully resolved. It’s another story of lies, incompetence and can-kicking that Familieretshuset are experts in.