Børnebidrag Reply 1 to Statsforvaltning

juli 22, 2019 0 Af admin
Emne: SV: Børnebidrag - Vi mangler oplysninger Sag. 2017-xxxxx

Dear {mother},

I have received the letter about this and reply as follows

1) The original verbal agreement with {mother} when we split up was;

Basic børnebidrag as per statsforvaltning website
School fees for the children to continue to attend private school
1000kr a month for the first 12 months to pay for {eldest daughter}'s gymnasium trip to USA

This agreement began on 1st November 2016

2) Note that this is a private agreement and is well in excess of what I should pay according to the calculator on your website.  This is hard for me to pay as I only earn xxxxxkr a year and that should put me paying the basic amount only, I cared about investing in a better education for the children than I ever got myself.

3) One year later I have reduced the amount by 1000kr a month as per our agreement

4) {mother} has previously accepted this agreement as follows :-

In january I increased the monthly payment to fit the basic legal børnebidrag amount.  {mother} accepted this
In July I did not pay the school fees, as there are none for summer.   {mother}  accepted this
I have facebook conversations with  {mother}  saved discussing that the 1000kr for  {eldest daughter}'s trip will not be paid after 1st November.  She accepted this and it can be produced as evidence.

5) As  {mother}  has now requested a review of the børnebidrag.  I too request a review, to be based on what I should legally pay according to my earnings and no more.  This seems to be in accordance with section 16 of your guidelines and what this page says http://www.statsforvaltningen.dk/site.aspx?p=4653