In 2017 I had the misfortune to contact this organisation about awkwardness I was having with my ex-partner about me ever getting to see my 4 children. Biggest mistake of my life.

If you want know how terrible they are, a quick visit to Trustpilot gives you a great insight.

It’s no wonder that in 2019 they changed their name from Statsforvaltning to Familieretshus. A bit of corporate re-branding to try and get rid of all the old negative reviews. However, as someone said somewhere “same old wine in a new bottle”. Maybe it sounds better in Danish. This organisation destroys lives.

As an Englishman, I’d also add By women, for women and By Danes, for Danes. As a man, especially a non-Danish man, you have no chance.




This site details the terrible experiences I have had and going off the reviews and what I have learnt from various sources such as Foreninging Far, I am not alone.